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Published on septiembre 20th, 2012 | by Miguel Angel Berlanga Alvarez


Toolbar to Share | WordPress

Welcome to Toolbar to Share

This plugin let your followers share the content of your website with their friends through the different social networks.

Toolbar to Share shows sharing buttons for Facebook, Twitter, and Google + on a footer’s toolbar.

So, this plugin shows sharing buttons for Facebook, Google plus, and Twitter on a Toolbar that appeared over the website’s footer. As you know, sharing your content in a social network you will increase the number of visitors of your website. If you want you can send us your comments to help us improve out plugin for following versions.


This image shows Toolbar to share.
plugin toolbar to share wordpress

Toolbar to share is completely free. If you want you can collaborate with us by including our link on your website or sending suggestions. You can contact us through the email that appears in the plugin website or post a comment here.

About Installation

1. Upload the extracted archive to ‘wp-content/plugins/’

2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu

3. Open the plugin settings page Settings -> Toolbar to Share

4. Adjust settings


This image shows the panel to optimize Toolbar to Share

plugin toolbar to share wordpress


This panel let you edit the text which appears in the popup. This text could show a message for your readers explaining the importance of sharing you site in the social networks. Furthermore, in this panel you can personalize the plugin with your Facebook, Google+ and Twitter user account.


Download Toolbar to Share for free if you pay with a Tweet!

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